Unlock Free Access: Top 5 Sports Streaming Alternatives to Strumyk TV in Poland!

Are you looking for top alternatives to Strumyk TV in Poland? Although Strumyk TV is preferred by many as it offers a lot of live TV & sports in Poland. But there are plenty of replacements out there.

In Poland, people still prefer to watch their favorite sports leagues on television. These television groups offer their own sports channels & websites. The most popular sports stations in Poland include TVP Sport, Canal +, Canal Plus, Eleven Sports, and Polsat.

 top alternatives of strumyk Tv

let’s have a look at these alternatives one by one.

Most Popular Sports Streaming Sites in Poland

1. TVP Sports

It is a Polish sports channel owned by TVP and was launched on November 18, 2006. This Channel is further broadcasted with the names TVP 1, TVP 2, and TVP Sport.

The channel includes a mix of Polish and international sports streaming events. This channel is accessible through various platforms such as Cyfra+, Cyfrowy Polsat, and several cable providers.


Sports you can watch on TVP

Viewers can enjoy a wide range of sports on TVP Sport like tennis, football, basketball, the Olympics, Ice hockey, and many more

Most Popular Leagues

The most popular tournaments broadcasted on TVP Sport include

  • UEFA Champions League
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Equestrian
  • Copa America
  • EuroLeague Women
  • Tour de Pologne
  • European Championships
  • Polish Hockey Superleague
  • Polish Cup
  • WTA Tournaments

2. Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports in the past few months become the most-watched Sports channel in Poland. It offers you everything from football and car racing to basketball. This is a multinational sports channel owned by DAZN Group.

Eleven Sports possess further divisions such as Eleven Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4

Sports you can watch

  • Serie A
  • La Liga
  • Ligue 1
  • FA Cup
  • Liga NOS
  • PGE Ekstraliga

3. Polsat

Polsat is a free on-air TV channel in Poland. It is one of the most watched TV channels owning other subchannels. This platform offers you a variety of options ranging from entertainment to sports to news & much more. Channels under this platform include Polsat, Polsat Sport, Super Polsat, Polsat Sport Extra, and Polsat Sport News.


Sports to watch

  • Fortuna
  • Euro 2024 qualifying matches
  • Liga
  • Tennis matches
  • Orlen Superliga
  • Football Champions League
  • Fortuna Polish Cup.

4. Viaplay

Viaplay is also a well-known streaming site in Poland. Viaplay stands out for having a wide variety of entertainment like movies, series, live sports broadcasts, and cartoons for kids. This channel is streamed only on the Viaplay online platform.

For this reason, it has become a unique platform for lovers of ice hockey, football, racing, and other sports.


Popular leagues on Viaplay

  • Premier League
  • F1
  • KSW
  • Bundesliga
  • Europa League
  • Conference League
  • Handball Bundesliga

5. Canal+

Canal+ is a French premium TV channel owned by GroupCanal+. This channel transmits a variety of programs majority of which are encrypted.

It is the combination of various other sub-channels including Canal+Sport, Canal+Premium, Canal+Family, Canal+Sport 2, Canal+Sport 3, Canal+Sport 4, and Canal+Sport 5.


Unencrypted free-to-watch content is available on Canal+Premium and Canal+ Clair. The premium version does not broadcast advertisements.

Popular Events

  • PKO BP Ekstraklasa
  • Tennis matches
  • PGE Ekstraliga
  • NBA
  • Boxing galas

Why There Is A Need Of Alternatives

Although Strumyk TV offers local Polish content & audiences having diverse interests might find it limited to sports events. Also, Strumyk TV is operated by an illegal publisher which seems problematic for most viewers. These alternatives are safe and operated legally by proven bookmakers in Poland.

In addition, such substitutes provide you with high-quality online streaming for a relatively low cost.


What is the reason for searching Strumyk TV alternatives?

People seek alternatives to Strumyk TV for getting more diverse material, such as international series, movies, and sporting events. Also, enhanced features such as higher video quality & site safety are the main reasons for switching to other alternatives.

What are other popular alternatives to Strumyk TV in Poland?

Well-known alternatives include WP Pilot, Gonet TV, Emocej TV, and mecze24.pl, brzytwa.com.

Are there platforms offering content in Polish?

Yes, most of these platforms offer content in the Polish language suited for their audiences.

How do I know what is the best alternative for me?

What content do you enjoy most, whether you’re looking for live sports, international films, or children’s shows? Also, think about the features you value, like video quality and interface ease. Checking out trial periods can also help you decide.


In short, there are lots of other choices, if you’re looking for something different than Strumyk TV in Poland. On TVP Sport you can watch a variety of sports whereas Eleven Sports is for football fans.

Others like Polsat and Viaplay are suitable for fun shows and games, where you won’t run out of things to watch. These legal and high-quality platforms offer extensive sports content. Also, enhances viewers’ experiences with additional features.

So, you have many ways to watch sports and find your favorite one!

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